And The Doctor Says The Baby Will Arrive In...

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Puppy in the Hole Home stretch here. Yesterday, Mrs. Bashcraft goes, "I think I'm going to deliver the baby on November 16." Even though the baby is slated for November 22, that was just the feeling she had. She goes to the doctor today, and the doctor says, "Oh, looks like you're going to be a little early — you'll probably deliver on Saturday or Sunday." Sunday being the 16! Though as the wife pointed out at dinner, it's not really her decision, so who knows. Damn, this pregnancy feels like an eternity. What you missed last night San Francisco Lich King Launch Gets Ugly EA Officially Going After Wii Fit With "EA Sports Active" Look Ma, I'm A Death Knight! Replica Gears Lancers Broken, Here's How You Fix 'Em Nintendo Goes DS/DSi Trademark Crazy! The Official 2D Mirror's Edge Is 2Awesome Now Nintendo Are Going After Used Games Rumor: Sega Drops Silicon Knights' Unannounced Game Halo 3: Recon Exposed In New Game Informer

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Women and they psych abilities... we will never catch on to them. Let us just hope they dont usem them to control our puny male brains (...or have been doing it so for centuries!??).

Wish all goes well with Microbash!