Doctor Doom's schemes figure big into Gazillion Entertainment's Diablo-esque Marvel Heroes. It makes sensehe's second only to Galactus when it comes to go-to Marvel video game bad guys, and in this first installment of the "Chronicles of Doom," a four-part motion comic leading up to the game's June 4 launch, Victor Von Doom shows us why.

Sometimes he's dead, sometimes he's a robot, and sometimes he gets defeated by Squirrel Girl, but for the most part Doom spends his free time dispatching or escaping from The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Spider-Man, Power Pack, Ant Man and that company that gets paid to clean up after superhero messes. You know what he doesn't spend a lot of time doing? Rotting in a jail cell, because Doom doesn't play that.

Brian Bendis is handling the writing on this one, so expect Doom to say "children" and "trolls" a lot more before the series ends.