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And That’s Why You Don’t Taunt People In Mario Kart 8

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Taunting in Mario Kart 8 is a fine art. Maybe because they can't trash talk each other online, seasoned players have resorted to waiting at the finish line to trip up incoming racers as the ultimate form of kart-based swagger. But this is hard to pull off. If you don't, you end up looking very silly.

One Donkey Kong racer got a master class in how not to taunt a Mario Kart competitor recently, and was humble enough to post the results online. The full clip helps set the stage for the climactic moment of embarrassment:

To summarize what you just saw: Donkey Kong had an easy lead on Wario, so he decided to have some fun. He waited at the finish line with a banana peel, hoping to back up and snare Wario with the item in one final, triumphant act of shaming. But then he missed, and Wario breezed into first place undisturbed.


It's even more embarrassing for the Donkey Kong racer here because the player's points indicate that he or she is at a much higher level in the game's online rankings than the person playing Wario. Also, since this was a two-person race, the screw-up led to an immediate defeat. The only thing that would have made this worse would be if Lakitu showed up J. Walter Weatherman style to teach Donkey Kong a lesson.

Let this be a warning to all the cocky Mario Kart 8 players out there: be careful with the banana peel, because there's more than one way to trip over it.


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