And Now The Moment Avengers Players Have Been Waiting For

Gif: Square Enix

Shield refraction, everybody. Thanks to community feedback, Iron Man can now bounce his Unibeam off Captain America’s shield in Marvel’s Avengers, amplifying the beam’s damage. As it should be.


It’s a classic Marvel Comics combo move, one you’d think would be a no-brainer for inclusion in a cooperative multiplayer-focused game. It’s okay; Developer Crystal Dynamics got there eventually. It just took them until now.

Hopefully this addition leads to more combo movies, like Black Widow ricocheting bullets off Iron Man’s head, or Hulk rolling Iron Man into a small sphere and throwing him like a cannonball. Anything that involves potentially hurting Stark, really.

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Gene Jacket

That’s awesome!

A little presumptuous of them to assume the matchmaking is working and there are enough people still playing to get a lobby together to actually execute this...but awesome nonetheless.

For the record, I’m one of the few still playing, and I do love the game, despite its many faults. The Hawkeye DLC that just dropped is excellent, and Kate Bishop fucking rules. The care they put into making her feel great to play as a DLC character gives me a lot of hope that the other DLC characters will be just as fun as, if not more so, than the base roster.