And Now For Some Great Heroes Of The Storm Fan Art

Blizzard put on an a fan art competition as part of its Heroes of the Storm launch festivities. Today they posted work from the 25 semi-finalists, and their work is all pretty great. See for yourself!

You can see the whole collection on the website. Here are some of the ones that stood out to me:


I love how sswanderer’s piece captures the chaotic nature of Heroes of the Storms high-fantasy-meets-science-fiction mashup aesthetic.

Nice work on the nipple rings, B03DI!


Stitches wants to play! If you don’t know which one is Stitches, I’m sure you can guess. By Peter Ortiz


Do they not have a moose mount in this game yet? Well, mohkman’s work brings an important question to mind: why the hell not?


The colors. Oh man, the colors. By iosifChezan.


Seeing anything to do with the haunted mines map just makes the announcer’s cackling line “more bones for the mines!” pop into my head. By Samarskiy.

And finally, my personal favorite, which I saved for last because it’s vertical and takes up the whole page:


I love how Arthas is just standing on top of that siege tank like he owns the thing.

See the rest of the entries over at Blizzard’s website.

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