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Thrilling non-scientific poll time! Online research site Oricon polled 1000 men and women about their favorite video game character. The results?

10. Squall Final Fantasy VIII 10. Yuna Final Fantasy X 10. Professor Layton Professor Layton series 8. Toad Mario Kart 8. Doraemon Doraemon series 7. Chocobo Final Fantasy series


Huh. I'd think of Doraemon as being more an anime character than a video game character, but whatever. There are Doraemon video games. (Trains, too, it seems.) Hit the jump for the rest!

4. Slime Dragon Quest series 4. Solid Snake MGS series 4. Pikachu Pokémon 3. Yoshi Mario series 2. Cloud Final Fantasy VII 1. Mario Mario series


The top three breakdown for men and women is rather interesting. For men, it was 1). Mario 2). Cloud and 3). Solid Snake. For women, it was 1). Mario, 2). Yoshi and 3). Cloud. Everyone loves Mario and Cloud! 好きなテレビゲームのキャラクター、1位は"マリオ" [Oricon Life via Alafista] [Pic]

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