And Here's Why The Average Person Shouldn't Try Parkour

Characters like Ezio in Assassin's Creed make parkour seem so easy—you're literally just a couple of button presses away from doing some cool move or trick. It's not so easy in real life, of course.


The fact that the average person would probably mess themselves up trying advanced parkour moves is not surprising, but it's still funny to watch someone try and fail like in this video by Nacho Punch. They have a parkour expert go up against an average joe, and the results are as funny and cringe-worthy as you'd expect.

Thankfully, the suit dude also has health insurance—so don't worry too much!

Parkour Expert vs. Average Man[Nacho Punch]

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I know EXACTLY what Xin is drinking at the end of the clip.Its Capri-Sonne, a soft drink that comes in a soft foil pouch.

I spent my youth in the 80s drinking the stuff.