Analysts Expect EA Posting US$111 Million In Losses

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According to Forbes, Electronic Arts is expect to report losses of US$111 million (33 cents per share) for the quarter ending June 30th. It's apparently not the company's performance, but investor expectations as this is the first quarter EA hasn't provided "financial guidance." Speculation swirls that launching new IPS like Spore, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge and concern whether EA can actually get them out the door on time. Because of this, Forbes states, analysts earning estimates are all over the place — from 10 cents per share to a loss of 46 cents per share. The second quarter results will be posted this Tuesday. EA Faces A Bumpy Ride []


I'd just ignore it and keep pushing forward. New, quality IP's will gain the company respect amongst gamers while providing more variables for sequels in the future to satisfy investors.