Analyst: 15-20 Console Games In 2010 To Be In 3D

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Is Avatar-style Sterescoppic 3D going to be big in video games? A report in Consumer Electronics Daily finds few video game publishers ready to sound excited about 3D gaming, except Disney, but that doesn't mean there aren't 3D games coming.


From the report:

Insight Media predicted 15-25 console games will be released in 2010 supporting stereoscopic 3D, growing to 35-50 in 2011. [Insight analyst Dale] Maunu also predicted that console gamers will enjoy a fairly consistent 3D experience no matter what 3D compatible TV they use, unlike what computer gamers have found with their monitors. That's one benefit of a closed system like what the console makers use, he said, saying nothing can be published for a console unless it's approved by the console makers. "That's how they maintain a consistent user experience," he said.


Those calculations are tempered in the same report by Joseph Olin, head of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, the industry group that hosts next week's DICE conference of top gaming executives near Las Vegas, as saying: "no one [in the game community] is talking about [stereoscopic 3D now] in the same way that they're talking about game concept and what consumers are looking at within the wide scope of interactive entertainment options today."

Spokespeople from EA and Take Two did not offer specifics about any plans their companies have for 3D games. A representative for Disney told the publication that the company "see videogames as a natural fit with 3D," with the standard caveats of gameplay coming first.

Challenges Abound for Stereoscopic 3D Games, Including Cost Extras [Consumer Electronics Daily]

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Wait a fucking damn minute.

This analyst is saying consoles have an upperhand due to their closed structure, despite the fact that Pc's open structure means we've had stereoscopic 3D for a couple years now, and on a shit ton more than '15-25' games?

Look consoles closed structure means they need to be made with a specific API, they need to be made with stereoscopy in mind. PC 3D puts no such limits or production issues. You just make your game in DirectX and you're done. (90% of the time).

Also this analyst is aware that Sony at least use active shutter, the same system on Nvidias 3D, right?

Still I'm kinda looking forward to this 3D revolution, just hope no one listens to Crecente about 'making games for 3D'. They work in 3D naturally, I don't want the movie gimmicks added.