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Massive game publisher Electronic Arts has a reputation for snatching up talented development studios and then running them into the ground.

While some of EA's big acquisitions remain successful today—like DICE and BioWare—the mega-publisher has also been responsible for the closures of a number of beloved game-makers. In the wake of today's news that SimCity developer Maxis Emeryville is no more, let's take a look at a newly-updated list of studios that EA has purchased only to shut down later.


Maxis (SimCity) - Purchased by EA in 1997; shut down in 2015. [Though EA says the "Maxis" brand will live on—and the studio currently behind The Sims continues to use the label—the Emeryville-based development house that served as the main descendant of what Will Wright created back in 1987 is officially no more.]

Mythic (Dark Age of Camelot) - Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2014.

Bullfrog (Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper) - Purchased by EA in 1995; shut down in 2001.

Origin (Ultima, Wing Commander) - Purchased by EA in 1992; shut down in 2004.

Westwood (Command & Conquer) - Purchased by EA in 1998; shut down in 2003.

DreamWorks Interactive/Danger Close/EA Los Angeles (Medal of Honor) - Purchased by EA in 2000; shut down in 2013.


Phenomic (SpellForce, BattleForge) - Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2013.

Black Box Games (Need for Speed, Skate) - Purchased by EA in 2002; shut down in 2013.


Pandemic (The Saboteur) - Purchased by EA in 2008; shut down in 2009.

PlayFish (The Sims Social) - Purchased by EA in 2009; shut down in 2013.

NuFX (NBA Street) - Purchased by EA in 2004; shut down in 2007.

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