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An RPG Where You're A Random NPC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes, you're the hero. And sometimes, you're the innkeeper who watches the hero come in and pillage your cabinets without even saying hi.

This is You Are Not The Hero, an RPG Maker game whose creators have taken to Kickstarter to raise $12,000 for development. The idea: you're an NPC. Heroes come around, screw around, take your stuff. You go after them, becoming your own sort of hero along the way.


"This game has been in the making years before development started," writes creator Donn Manalili. "It began when I looted 10gil from a random house in Final Fantasy IX, playing as Vivi. I wanted to return it after finding out it was their grandmothers life savings, unfortunately, there was no way to do this, no 'come clean' mechanic in place. I imagined what life would have been like afterwards, how the grandmother could no longer pay her mortgage, how they were evicted, begging in the streets."

The RPG Maker style certainly isn't for everyone, but the concept is interesting. I'm psyched to see what Manalili does with this.