An RPG/Shooter/Puzzle Game. With Nazis & Drag Queen Flirting.

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Dead Century is something...different. Set in the 1930s, with Nazi Germany on the rise and interested in all things occult, you control "a small team of archaeologists as they try to stay one step ahead of Third Reich scientists in piecing together an ancient mystery from the dawn of human civilization."

It's a bit of a mish-mash of game styles; there's role-playing elements, there's top-down shooting and there's combat that combines puzzles with tactics.

What's tying it all together, though, is some gorgeous art by Ray Bruwelheide, who you may know as the man behind the terrific Pokémon Noir series of comics.


There's also the neat touch that each of the game's characters has not one, not two but three gender appearance options, "because humans are diverse and it's way past time for video games to reflect that." You can see examples at the Kickstarter page.

While the game is looking for funding on Kickstarter, it's not entirely a "coming soon" kind of deal; the first episode is already available on iTunes as a sampler.

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I know people will be lazy so here is the actual gameplay.

Players use tiles and an action queue system to issue commands to their characters. The action plays out in a window at the top of the screen, adhering to standard RPG mechanics like hit points, status effects, and item-collecting. Between missions, players buy new gear and abilities for their characters, customizing them based on the task at hand and the personal play-style.