An Owner's Guide To Surviving Dark Souls

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Some of the fun of playing Dark Souls, and Demon's Souls before it, is the spectacle of the game and the sheer confusion you might feel when you first drop into the unforgiving world created by From Software.

But that's not for everybody. Some people don't like to play their way through a game trial and error. I know, I know, those people are crazy, but it's still a valid approach to gaming.

For those folks, the ones who like a little help, we present you with the official Dark Souls Quest Log, a glossy mag sent to reviewers to help them through the tougher, early bits of the game.


Obviously, this contains some spoilers and a bit of hand-holding, so don't read it if you're not up for that.

Dark Souls Scans

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I don't know what all the complaining is about. I'm around 40 hours into Dark Souls....around level 70, and really I've never hit any difficult walls.

From my experience, Dark Souls is MUCH easier than Demon's Souls. Either that or I got so good at Demon's Souls that I'm just naturally wicked good at Dark Souls.

Seriously though, I was able to beat almost all of the bosses in Dark Souls on my first attempt at them. A couple of them killed me, but it never took more than 3 attempts at any given boss that DID give me trouble. After I learned their movesets and patterns, ranges and such, those bosses are now cake-walks.

Don't even get me started on the Capra Demon. Trust me, most people hate that guy because he's so aggressive of a boss, but by the time you get to the Demon Ruins and he and the Taurus Demons are regular enemies, you'll realize how much better you got as a player and how much of a joke they are.

Mind you I can't put this game down. Since it came out I've been neglecting school, staying up 'till like 3am every night, daydreaming about exploring certain areas again, and what kind of weapons to play around with.

Game is one of my favorites. It won't get out of my head even if I tried. <3