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An Overwatch Glitch Is Ejecting Dva Into Space

Overwatch’s Dva
Overwatch’s Dva

A hilarious glitch made its way into Overwatch with Tuesday’s update. Dvas are getting flung out of their mech suits and into the abyss on the 3v3 mode’s Ecopoint Antarctica map.


[Update—12:30 PM, 1/27]: Blizzard software engineer Bill Warnecke commented last night on the forums that “Servers are currently being hotfixed for the issue.” The original article continues below.

When Dva “bails out” of her mech in this mode, she suddenly falls off the map and into some weird, glitched-out geometry zone. It looks like it’s under the map, but it’s hard to tell. A lot of players are reporting the bug:

It’s an especially bad mode for Dva to be buggy—often, Dva’s the last one standing in elimination and, now that she’s spending more time out of her mech, this glitch could lose the match for Dva’s team.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Wow that map is buggy, first the ice wall glitch now the D.Va one.