An Invisible Little Boy Finds Himself in Sony's Stunning Rain

The hero of Sony Japan Studio's upcoming adventurer platformer is a little boy seeking a little girl in a dreary world defined by water falling from the sky. It's a fortunate setting — Rain's protagonist is completely invisible.


The trailer, accompanyed by melancholy piano music, highlights Rain's unique liquid-based gameplay mechanic. As is the world, so is our hero defined by the water falling from the sky. He's only seen in footsteps rippling in puddles, or in the rivulets of water running down his body during a heavy deluge.

Step underneath an awning in Rain's monochrome world and you disappear.

The people and animals of this world fade in and out of existence at the whim of weather systems. What a beautiful idea for a game.



I know this is just a trailer, but I'm bothered by the fact that the invisible boy just appears and disappears very suddenly. I feel like it'd feel better visually if it was kind of gradual and if they actually made the textures on him dynamic, like water actually splatting and flowing on him. Right now I feel like I'm watching an invisible boy with paint on random parts of him or with reflective surfaces, not an invisible boy that is inductively displayed by his environment. I love this concept though.