An Indie RPG That Does Not Look Like Most Indie RPGs

Behold, the recently-released Paper Sorcerer, a Kickstarted indie RPG with a look all its own.


The game comes to us from Ultra Runaway Games, who last year exceeded their $5,000 Kickstarter ask for the game by quite a bit. Always nice to see a Kickstarter game finished and playable.

You can see more of Paper Sorcerer, which combines 3D exploration and old-school turn-based combat, here:

Nice trailer music, guys. I kept expecting to see Axel Foley turn up.

If you're curious, there's a free in-browser demo, and the game itself is just $5 at the developers' site. They're trying to get it onto Steam Greenlight, so if you're into what you play, consider giving 'em a vote.


(Via Rock, Paper Shotgun)

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I take it they pocketed most of the money.