An Idiot Was Paid $5 Million to Smuggle Cocaine Inside an Xbox

It was only a month ago we heard of a guy who tried, and failed, to hide a few bricks of coke inside an Xbox. Guyanese drug smugglers obviously don't keep up with the news.


Border authorities in Jamaica have arrested a man who, after initially clearing customs with two items of luggage, tried to re-enter and grab a third. This aroused suspicions, so the third package was checked, and inside they found an "X-Box". Inside that was 24 pounds of cocaine.

The man, who was only identified as a "Guyanese traveler", admitted to smuggling the drugs in return for $5 million.


The report wasn't clear whether it was an Xbox 360 or an original Xbox. I'm actually leaning towards the latter, if only because it was so damn big you could cram more drugs inside.

Jamaican agents seize cocaine hidden inside Xbox [, via Game Politics]

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