An ‘Honest’ Elite: Dangerous Trailer That’s Closer To The Actual Game

Nowhere is it written that a video game trailer must accurately depict the entirety of the game it's advertising. Still, it's funny to see trailers like the very exciting (!) and action-packed (!) new trailer for Elite: Dangerous, considering that the actual game is much more slow-paced.


I definitely prefer this remixed, "honest" version of the trailer by Jaguar Skills (via RPS), mostly because it uses actual in-game footage:

When I play Elite, I spend more of my time carefully plotting approach vectors than I do engaging in exciting hard-rock dogfights where enemy ships explode after a couple of hits. The good news is, that's still fun. It's all fun, really—the boring bits, the actual in-game dogfighting, the docking stations, the tedium, the space-beauty, and, yes, the trailer, silly and untrue to the game though it may be.

While we're here, side notes on the game itself: I've been playing more and more of the gamma build lately, as the recent announcement that beta progress will carry over to the retail game has made it worthwhile to play ahead of launch. (The final retail version is out next week on the 16th.)

It's still really cool, and feels closer to a finished product than ever. Some small changes to the galaxy map have made it much easier to plan trips across multiple systems, meaning that these four cartons of fish in my cargo hold will get to Heisenberg Colony on time. Frontier has also recently gotten the game working much more smoothly and head-trackingly with the Oculus Rift, making it even easier to treat the game as an immersive space-pilot simulator.

Closing thought on that trailer: When I play Elite, I usually put on a classic rock playlist in the background. Which, in its way, makes the game feel like the trailer, even if it looks like I'm carefully adjusting my throttle as I fly in a straight line.




That was brilliant. And while I don't think it says that anywhere, I think it should. I mean, what's the point of game trailers then if they don't show you the actual game you will be buying? To sell you a product?? pshhh.. as if!... oh wait...