To: Owen
From: Stephen

Usually the Day Note is for catching up on the big news of the last half-day. And there was plenty of that as you glance down Kotaku's front page. But I wanted to make this one about something else I hope you didn't miss, and that's some of the ways our summer intern, Andrew Freedman, kicked ass.

There isn't a way to link to the assistance he provided us daily: the copy-editing (thank you, thank you!), the screening of calls for the podcast, the doggedness to be helpful. But I can link to a few of his recent posts. This week he stepped it up during a frantic five days when Crecente and McWhertor were in Germany and Fahey was prowling Blizzcon.


So, thank you, Andrew. You helped us a ton. Brian and the rest of us hope we weren't too bad an influnce. (See? We miss you already.)

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