An Epic Naruto Ninja Battle Comes To Life

Teased late last month, Epic Rivals' live-action battle between Naruto's Tenten and Neji is the sort of fight that forms a friendship that lasts as long at least one of them lives.


Not being too familiar with the intricacies of Naruto's supporting cast, I'm going to just speculate here that this coming-of-age confrontation is a milestone in Tenten and Neji's relationship that they'll remember for the rest of their days. They'll just be a couple of old and wizened ninja sitting on a porch somewhere, sipping green tea and remembering. Neither of them will not be there, as that would be silly.

Man, look at all those trigrams Neji is pumping out there. I bet he never stops doing that.

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I still miss Naruto... It sounds cliche, but I miss the good old days of the original series and early shippuden. I don't miss is the mess it became in its last arcs, and the way it ended... so unfulfilled and dull... and even now I still miss reading it with enthusiasm, I miss watching it and not being drowned with flashbacks, fillers and extremely slow paced fights.

Naruto represents a long period of time in my life, and honestly, it will stay with me for just as long. It is a shame my most recent experiences with it are so disappointing.