An Easter Egg In Half-Life: Decay Can Only Be Found After Hitting A Corpse 600 Times

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Some secrets in video games are found after hitting a hidden button or jumping out of a certain area. Sometimes you can find a secret by just doing nothing, which is the case in Far Cry 4. But in Half-Life: Decay, to find a small Easter egg you will need to do a lot. Like hitting a floating corpse over 600 times with a crowbar.


Half-Life: Decay was a PS2 exclusive co-op mode developed by Gearbox Software. It was included as a bonus mode in the PS2 port of Half-Life and stars two scientists. Using split-screen, two players control these scientists as they explore and survive Black Mesa during the events of Half-Life. This PS2 only mode has since been ported to PC, but this particular secret is only found in the PS2 version.

As shown off MarphitimusBlackimus, a YouTuber who creates wonderful videos showcasing and detailing different aspects of the Half-Life games, this Easter egg involves a dead security guard.

The body of this guard is found floating in a pool in the fifth mission of the Half-Life: Decay. At first glance, the body doesn’t look special. But this isn’t an ordinary floating corpse. This body actually can be destroyed using weapons. It will take some time though. The body has over 3000 health, making it tougher than the final boss of Half-Life.

If you decide to use a crowbar it will take you over 600 whacks to pop the corpse. You can also speed the process up by using a gun or explosives. Once the body is destroyed you will be rewarded with Snarks. These are small aliens which can be used as a weapon. Toss them at enemies and they will attack them for a few moments and then explode. They can also turn around and attack you, so be careful.

Gearbox, the developers of most of the Half-Life expansions which includes Decay, seem to love these types of Easter eggs. In Half-Life: Blue Shift, players can find a small cardboard box in a locker. Shoot it 68 times and it will break open, revealing a Chumtoad. This was an enemy originally cut from Half-Life, but returns in a few spots via Easter eggs like this.

So the next time you are running around a video game and see an unbreakable box or random dead body, maybe stop and shoot it like 500 times. Who knows? It might be a hidden secret.

But probably not.

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Dang that’s awesome. I wish more games had easter eggs that were super obscure. Like say something really cool happens if you run into this wall 700 times, or if you press A and B rapidly in this one spot once a day for a whole month something cool happens. My favorite kinds of easter eggs are the ones people will probably never see.