Class Order halls—class-based areas where both factions can hang out—will be one of Legion’s most exciting features. A few of these were shown already, but Legion’s latest alpha build has them all in-game. Let’s take a look and see how they represent all 11 (soon 12) classes of WoW.

As mentioned above, it’s an early alpha build of Legion, so things will probably change a lot during the coming months.


The paladin class hall was the earliest revealed one. It’s an amazing-looking giant hall, hidden beneath Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.

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Druids will get a place called Dreamgrove in the heart of Val’Sharah, one of the new zones.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


Hunters have a special lodge in Highmountain with eagles and a hunter-only flight network.

[pic via Wowhead]


The warrior class hall is one of the best-looking ones. It’s a sort of Valhalla with an inner arena for battles.

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Rogues will gather beneath Dalaran in the Underbelly sewers (where else), and it’ll require lockpicking to enter. The place is full of small areas, including a giant vault.

[pic via Wowhead]


Mages also will be in Dalaran in an awesomely designed hall, similar to Violet Citadel.

[pic via Wowhead]


The Priest class hall will be Karabor. So get ready for some Draenei designs. It’ll have several wings for all specs.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


Shamans will get a hollowed-out cave overlooking the Maelstrom. Prepare for giant whirlpools and raging elements.

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The Warlock order hall will be a dark Burning Legion portal world, only accessibly for warlocks.

[pic via Song Zee]

Death Knights

The Death Knight hall is probably the most boring one. It’s the floating platform of Archerus, the same place where DK characters start.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


The Monk class hall just looks like a regular Pandaren building somewhere in Pandaria. Hopefully a lot of it is just placeholder.

[pic via Song Zee]

Demon Hunters

And finally the new guys, Demon Hunters. Their class hall is called Mardum, and it’s a fragment of the Burning Legion’s world. It has a similar look to the Warlock hall and Shadowmoon Valley in Outland.

[pic via Last Crusade]

Exciting! It’ll be refreshing to hang out in different areas with alts and not in the exact same Garrison.

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