They’re showing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate over at Gamescom in Germany this week. They’re letting people play as Evie, the other twin in the pair of brother-sister assassins who are playable in this game. First observation from where I sit: the hat-knocking-off tech in this game is pretty good.

According to previewers at GameSpot and GamesRadar, Evie is stealthier than her brother Jacob, so she has a special ability that allows her to turn invisible when she’s standing still. This does not seem to be a statement about how society treats women who keep to themselves but a riff on the familiar stealth game concept—seen in Metal Gear Solid 4, for example—that your character can be nearly impossible for enemies to spot when you don’t move. Evie and Jacob each have unique abilities in this 19th century London adventure.


These GIFs are from GamesRadar’s playthrough of the Gamescom demo, which you should watch.

One last highlight. You can use this electricity bomb to stun people:


AC Syndicate will be out in late October, when will have more useful and insightful things to say about it. For now, GIFs.

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