For those of you unable to drop $200 on the extravagant LEGO Simpsons house released earlier this year, The LEGO Group is rolling out its first ever licensed minifigure series in May, just in time for a special LEGO episode of The Simpsons.

I came this close to spending the $200 on the house, but ended up going with the $250 Metal Beard's Sea Cow set from The LEGO Movie instead. Thankfully my family will never notice if I spend $3.99 here and there to collect the 16 characters in The Simpsons minifig series.


The set will be blind bagged, like the regular LEGO minifigure series, but look at those acessories — there's no way you won't be able to feel Marge's Hair, Itchy and Scratchy's heads, Bart's skateboard or Lisa's sax through the packaging. Thank goodness for their freakish, misshapen skulls.

The set should be hitting retailers in May, right around the time The Simpsons LEGO special airs on May 4.

Scroll down for hi-res images of each figure in the set.