Love Plus, the love simulator from Konami, is coming to Japanese arcades, so get ready to fall in love all over again.

This latest trailer shows some of the date events like playing darts, as well as the dress up sequence, which could prove embarrassing for some players. The cabinets do have privacy dividers on the screen's sides. But from behind? Press your face up to the screen, and that should cover it.

As with Pro Evo Soccer and Metal Gear, Konami is turning Love Plus into an honest-to-goodness franchise, recently establishing its own division. That means Konami currently have staff on payroll who do nothing but eat, sleep and dream Love Plus. Just like the players.


デート後は水着姿でムフフ 『ラブプラス アーケード』新PVが公開 [Kotaku Japan]

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