An Animated Look At StarCraft‘s Dirtiest Unit

When StarCraft players complain about balance, there's one unit that comes up often: the Mutalisk, a flying lizard alien that can be used to harass workers and destroy buildings all over the map. They're especially bad if you play Protoss.


In the latest episode of the animated series Starcrafts, the Mutalisk takes center-stage, harassing the hell out of the Protoss (and immediately dying to the Terran). Mutalisks are speedy and easy to micro-manage, so a lot of players have trouble dealing with them.

As a Terran player, this is my favorite part of the clip:


StarCrafts Season 2 Episode 2 Mutalated [YouTube, CarbotAnimations]

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What the hell are you talking about, "mutas are a popular balance complaint"? I've played the game and watched the GSL for years and very rarely has Muta play come under scrutiny, except at the beginning of HOTS when mass muta races were a silly and boring tendency of mirror matchups. But even that stopped for the most part. The real balance controversy of late was the sheer ubiquity of Hellbats, even worse for Terran than Infestor/Broodlord was for Zerg in Wings of Liberty.

Besides, Protoss have a fantastic air game in HotS, and Corruptors are a far more deadly PvZ air opponent due to their hard countering of Colossi. Vipers are just as bad. Hell, Mutas are the least of a PvZ's air problems. They are a perfectly balanced and essential Zerg unit, and they can be easily matched by Phoenix/Void Ray if teched in that direction, and Psi Storms rip them apart in a ground-based game.

Please, this is embarassing.