Intel has announced a $300 million fund to get more women and minorities working in tech and gaming. The company was partially motivated by debates last fall surrounding its short-lived removal of ads from gaming trade site Gamasutra amid a swirl of controversies in the video game community, according to a New York Times report.


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So basically, if you're a standard middle-class straight white male, it's probably not worth applying for a job at Intel right now. On the one hand, I understand why these things happen, but on the other, I massively disagree with 'affirmative action' policies. I'm a black man in banking- I've massively benefited from all sorts of programmes that financial services companies have created over the past 20 years to bring more non-white male people into front office finance, despite the fact that I come from a relatively wealthy family, went to private school, and had a lot of other advantages in life. But throughout my career, even when my work has been excellent, it's been assumed (almost never out loud, but subtly) that I'm here because of my race, not my skills.

This will simply create the same thing at Intel. Every talented female or minority will be assumed to be less qualified than their white male peers. Balance should be addressed in education, so APPLICATIONS are proportional to race/gender stats in real life. Actual hiring should be colour and gender-blind.