America's Next Top Model Winner: World of Warcraft "Really Dropped the Ball With the Pandas"

Yesterday we posted an interview with former America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry, in which she tried to sell Stephen Totilo on her new pheromone fragrance Erox. In the end, though, we mainly talked about armpits.


Curry is an avowed gamer and fan of World of Warcraft, and so in the second part of this interview, Stephen talks to her about the new Mists of Pandaria expansion, her guild "The Legion of Derp" and the difficulties of balancing work and gaming.

No armpits, this time. We swear.

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Don't see the big deal.

The game already had bipedal cows, blue space goats with tentacle beards that crash landed on Azeroth in their space ship, more pop culture references than a Tarantino movie and all sorts of other wacky shit. Why are people acting like pandas will ruin a super serious franchise? They've been in the Warcraft universe since TFT, anyway.