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America's Army 3 Devs Let Go Day After Launch

The Emeryville, California based development studio responsible for America's Army 3 has been shut down, according to details forwarded to Kotaku by former staffers. That closing comes one day after the U.S. Army funded simulation officially shipped.

According to ex-AA3 developers, the contract studio responsible for the latest America's Army entry was shuttered due to a lack of funds, with future development allegedly moving to an unnamed Alabama-based developer. The newest game in the publicly funded series is experiencing some growing pains, as one can likely glean from the game's official support forums.

The anonymous America's Army 3 developers in touch with Kotaku unsurprisingly didn't sound too pleased with the current situation, venting that "a lot of good people [worked] insanely long hours on this game that was butchered by outside sources."


We've contacted reps from America's Army public relations team to confirm the news.

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