We get a fair idea of which games sell the most. But what about the games we play the most? Little harder to quantify. That hasn't stopped surveyors Nielsen from trying to find out!

According to their "best of 2008" lists - which record stuff like the ten highest-grossing movies, biggest-selling albums, etc - America's PC gamers spent more time playing World of Warcraft than any other game. Indeed, you spent more time playing World of Warcraft than the other nine games in the top ten combined.

Nielsen also recorded - again, on the basis of most time spent playing rather than highest-selling - what America's most popular console was. And surprise, it wasn't the Wii. While Nintendo's console was obviously the top seller for 2008, it's still got a ways to go to catch up the install base of the PS2, which racked up nearly 3x as many playing hours as Nintendo's machine could manage.

Oh, and yes. That is the original Xbox getting more use than the PS3 (with the GameCube not that far behind, either). Ouch.