Americans Now Spend $1 Billion A Year On Game Subscriptions

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Whenever a developer who works for a company that doesn't make MMOs pipes up and says "PC gaming is dead", they really mean they just can't make money selling what they're selling. Maybe it's because of piracy, like many say, but hey, maybe it's also because they don't make MMOs, because NPD figures released today show that Americans spent over $1 billion on online subscriptions last year. That money came from an estimated 11 million subscribers, the majority of whom were obviously playing WoW, with RuneScape, LotRO, FFXI and City of Heroes following (in that order) in its wake. NPD say "it's clear that there is a sizable chunk of revenue being generated by PC gaming beyond what is reflected in retail sales", and really, none of us are in a position to argue with that.


Online subscriptions exceed $1 billion a year, says NPD []

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The idea of playing an ongoing MMO is as alien to me as console gaming is to so many other people out there. I just can't fathom how on earth it could be fun.

Of course, watching "Make Love Not Warcraft" absolutely guarunteed that I will never touch such a game. Brilliant episode though =)