American McGee Returns To Fairy Tale Land

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American McGee is a developer with an enormous imagination and...inconsistent execution. Yes, he's the man behind Alice, but he's also the man behind a string of disappointing titles ever since. So it's with uncertainty we look upon his next game.


Called "Red", and following very closely in the spirit of his last work, Grimm, it's the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Only, in this telling of the tale, there is more than one wolf, and she's somewhat handier with an axe.

The game is currently in pre-production, with McGee hoping a publisher can pick it up during GDC later this month and shift it into development.

If he's after a violent re-telling of a classic literary tale, we'd recommend heading straight for EA's table.

American McGee Shows Off Little Red Riding Hood Concept [GameSetWatch]


Luke Plunkett

I hope Mike Mignola gets a shout out in the game's manual...