Ambitious Homeworld Mod Might Just be The Most Perfect Space Game Ever

Ask anyone who likes strategy video games and spaceships what their favourite title of all time is and, if they don't say Homeworld, they're either lying or are seven years old.

So! For the grown-ups and truth-tellers among you, take a look at this. It's the latest update for Complex, an ambitious Homeworld 2 mod that takes the basic bones of the game and turns it into something more.


Adding things variables like morale, experience and customization, it's pitched as something "for those who want more from a modern videogame".

Or, you know, those who just want more Homeworld.

You can grab the latest version of the mod below.

Complex 8.2.4 [Homeworld 2 Complex]

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Okay, it's just a game BUT why is it that spaceships always have a top and bottom? Why do all the ships "float" right side up? Did they agree about which way is "up"? I don't think it's etiquette as I'm sure some of the factions are total rebels. Do they get disoriented or "sea sick" if they don't keep their ships properly aligned? Maybe so. After all, I would feel uncomfortable if some people decided to keep globes with Antarctica on top, You feel me?