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Amazon's New World Pauses Economy Again To Stop Cheaters

The most recent glitch allowed players to duplicate high-rarity items

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Amazon Game Studios

The latest game-breaking bug in New World has been allowing players to duplicate items. Amazon locked down the MMO’s entire economy (again) after concerned players started posting about the situation on its official forums. As of the time of publication, New World players can’t send money, trade with other players, access the trading post, or use the guild treasury.

As PC Gamer originally reported, some New World players were eager to exploit the glitch for their own gain. This had an especially devastating effect on the trophy (an item that confers passive benefits when placed in a player’s house) economy. Trophies were duplicated and sold at far below their usual value, upsetting the players who invested in them without using cheats. Trophies that were supposedly worth 40,000 were selling on the marketplace today for around 10,000. Ouch.


New World’s community manager stated that the developers are aware of a duplication exploit, and that the team was working to investigate. All forms of wealth transfers would be disabled in the meantime. They also noted that any players who use the glitch will be “actioned against,” although didn’t say what this might entail.

As usual, gamers are having a completely normal one on the official forums. Some stated their intention to leave the game, while others have noted that New World felt like a promising concept with squandered potential. This duplication cheat was upsetting to some players because they had spent weeks grinding for in-game accomplishments that exploiters had gained in a much shorter amount of time.


This isn’t the first time that Amazon Game Studios had to reset the entire New World economy over an exploit. Earlier this month, players discovered that they could duplicate gold by pasting a certain string of HTML code into the chatbox. Their community team then too shut down the economy and threatened to punish any players who were using the exploit. So far, it doesn’t seem like the threats have stopped a second round of cheaters from gaming the MMO’s now infamously exploitable economy.

The developers have not yet turned the economy back on.