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Amazon's Fire TV Is The Perfect Place To Play Flappy Bird

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Amazon's Android-based Fire TV got its killer app last week in the form of Flappy Bird Family, the official follow-up to the simplistic mobile game that took the world by storm. Mix in a little Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, and you've got yourself a party.

I purchased a Fire TV the day the device was announced, and never once have I regretted the purchase. An Android box with enough power to run the mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto, instant access to the Amazon Prime library, and plenty of popular video and music apps, the Fire TV is only a Crunchyroll app away from perfection.

And now there's Flappy Bird Family. It's the original game, only with multiple characters to choose from and the option to play multiplayer. I downloaded the free game thinking my children might get a kick out of it. Earlier in the day I'd purchased the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, so I started up a track before launching into the game.


Suddenly it all makes sense.

I never appreciated the simplicity of Flappy Bird until this moment. The music, the big screen, the pleasing resistance of the Fire TV remote button — this is a game that really comes together with a physical button. Throw in a couple of three-year-olds joyously counting along with each pipe passed and alien egg collected, and I'm getting more enjoyment out of gaming than I have in months.


Now I'm not saying everyone should rush out and by a $99 Fire TV in order to play Flappy Bird Family. I'm just dangerously close to typing it.