Amazon Punch-Out!! Kit Contains Real Boxers

Behold the Amazon exclusive Punch-Out!! Heavyweight Contender Kit, containing everything you need to complete your Punch-Out!! Wii experience, including the boxers.

The Punch-Out!! Heavyweight Contender Kit contains items that are strictly necessary for the complete Punch-Out!! experience. It's got a replica of King Hippo's Crown, an inflatable King Hippo desktop punching bag, and a Doc Lewis remedy chocolate bar. Hell, it's even got a pair of King Hippo boxer shorts, meaning I can stop making due with the generic boxer shorts I've been wearing to play Punch-Out!! and upgrade to an official pair. Yes, the kit contains everything you need to enjoy Punch-Out!!, with the possible exception of the game itself.


Yes, Amazon is offering an exclusive batch of Punch-Out!! swag for $34.99, which as I can tell serves absolutely no purpose other than to confuse people looking to purchase the game, to the point where the listing includes a helpful "Don't Forget "Punch-Out!!" the Game" towards the end, just in case. Who buys this craps? Is it you?

Punch-Out!! Exclusive Heavyweight Contender Kit

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