But as Amazon productions underperform, shows like HBO’s The Last of Us have seen their audiences grow with each episode. And Netflix still dominates the streaming charts, with The Hollywood Reporter pointing out Nielsen data from 2022 showed that all of the top 10 shows were from Netflix. The Boys, an adult superhero show on Amazon Prime, came in at 11th place. And the most expensive show ever made, Amazon’s answer to Game of Thrones? Number 15.


The report further claims that people who have worked or currently work at Amazon Studios describe it as a confusing and frustrating place to work. A lot of this sounds eerily similar to what was reported by Bloomberg in 2021 about the mess that is Amazon Game Studios, with details like execs cutting big deals, spending tons of money on big names or big bets, ignoring the people who know better, and then cutting costs when shows flop or don’t blow up right away.

While Amazon has a few shows and games that have now done well, it does seem like the company is burning a lot of money to keep coming up short compared to industry leaders like Valve, Netflix, Disney, and Epic. But who knows, maybe another $30 billion will help!