Amazon is at it again with their Gold Box deals, today featuring a selection of Xbox 360 titles at low, low bargain prices. The Deal of the Day is Midnight Club: Los Angeles for $39.98, and then of course they have their timed deals, slowly revealed throughout the day with tiny hints teasing them as they go. Right now you can pick up a half-priced Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, with the deal coming up at 10PST being the fourth game in some franchise, which really doesn't narrow it down. By far the best clue is for the 2PM game, "Johny Cage vs. Ironman". Iron Man is of course a Marvel character, so unless they released Mortal Kombat Vs. Marvel Universe when we weren't looking, someone messed up. At least Johnny Cage is indeed in Mortal Kombat - just not this one. Amazon Gold Box Deals