Amazon Game Download Blowout, Steam Sale, Humble Weekly Sale [Deals]

Amazon has kicked off their holiday game sale with a massive flood of digital game deals. You'll find a huge list of all the best deals in the PC and Mac sections below, but here are a few highlights. If you don't see what you're looking for, they have 111 pages of digital deals you're welcome to browse as well. If that weren't enough, if you make any digital game purchase, no matter how small, you'll get a $5 promotional credit in January towards Amazon's 2013 Editor's Choice Games. [Amazon]


The Ouya is far from perfect, but if you want a casual game console hooked up to an extra TV, you could do a lot worse. Ouya is offering it direct to customers today for just $60 plus a $5 game credit when you use promo code CALAMITY. I think it's worth it for Super Crate Box alone.

Update: Expired. Amazon has it for $10 off though if you're interested.

Ouya Console With $5 Game Credit | $60

Ouya Console | $90


Steam's Holiday Sale has officially begun with a solid slate of daily deals. Be sure to also check back every day for the latest sales, and vote for the Community Choice deal every 8 hours. Here are some highlights:


The new Humble Weekly Sale is live with four titles from Puppy Games. Pay what you want for Ultrathon, Droid Assault, Revenge of the Titans, and Titan Attacks!

Humble Weekly Sale


That insane James Bond Blu-ray collection is back in stock for $100 today. At just a hair over $4 per film, this is an awesome gift for any Bond fan.

Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection | $100


Today on Amazon, grab the complete Godfather trilogy, plus an entire disc of special features, for just $25.

The Godfather Collection | $25


We like free money, and the rarest of free money, at least in the world our deals, is free digital game store money. Add $50 to your SEN account by December 23rd and you'll get a bonus $10 credit by January 6. With big releases like Terraria and Minecraft, it's a great time to fill your PSN wallet. [Sony]


Through December 31, trade in $10 worth of games to Amazon and get a bonus $10 credit toward the purchase of a game from Amazon's best of 2013. You may already have $5 toward a game on that list if you took advantage of recent digital deals we've listed.


  • Ouya ($60) | Ouya | Promo code Calamity







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