Amazon Does Video Game Deals This Friday

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Tired of arriving late to the Amazon deals party? Well now you've got two days to prepare for Amazon's next all video games Gold Box event.


You should all know how this works by now, but just in case we'll explain. At 12:01AM Pacific time on Friday, August 28th, Amazon will post a special discounted video game deal as its Deal of the Day. Then starting at 6:00AM Pacific, a series of Lightning Deals will appear, each with a limited window of availability. Miss one, and it's gone forever, or until Amazon gets around to doing it again.

Of course we don't know what the games are yet. It could be something spectacular, or it could be Amazon clearing out its $19.99 Wii shovelware back stock. Been in the market for a cheap copy of Go Play Lumberjacks? Friday might be your big day!


All Video Games Gold Box Event

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I would be quite pleased to see an Arkham Asylum deal, but in my heart, I know that's just not going to happen.