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Amazon Deletes All Spore Customer Reviews, Blames Site Glitch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite receiving generally favorable reviews from game critics everywhere, the Amazon shopping populace didn't take so kindly to EA's PC release of Spore. Slapped with a one-star rating out of five, the majority of complaints weren't directed at the game's quality — though some did take issue with the core gameplay mechanics, venting how underwhelming the game felt after years of hype. No, it was Electronic Arts' implementation of digital rights management via Sony's SecuROM copy protection scheme that angered the masses. Earlier today, all 2000-plus reviews of Spore at were deleted. Temporarily, that is, and not part of an attempt to whitewash customer feedback, according to the company.Amazon reps told us that the deletion of the Spore reviews was not intentional, calling the removal of customer feedback "a site glitch." "Amazon did not knowingly or consciously choose to remove the reviews," a rep told Kotaku. "The team is working on resolving this issue now and restoring all the reviews on the site." At press time, it appears that the vast majority of reviews had already returned, with burning internet hatred for SecuROM, EA, Will Wright and Athenian legislator Draco intact. The ability to submit new reviews has also returned. Spore's single star remains at the online retailer. "Per our policy, Amazon doesn't censor or edit customer reviews and we'd only remove a review if it fell outside our guidelines," according to Amazon, who actually reached out to us before we got a chance to contact their public relations department. Those guidelines can be read here, should you be interested in submitting your own scathing or fawning review. Spore