Amazing Pseudo-3D DSiWare Game Coming To America In May

The formerly Japan-only downloadable DS game that wowed us with its tricky no-glasses-needed 3D graphics appears to be set for a May 17.


The game, known as 3D Hidden Picture in Japan, will be called Looksley's Line Up, and you can see for yourself if the footage above matches the brand-new DSiWare date and description issued by Nintendo today.

Looksley's Line Up (Nintendo DSiWare, May 17): In this unique take on hidden picture games, Looksley the rabbit needs your help to find inspiring objects so he can finish the story he's writing. The objects are hidden in 3-D dioramas made up of cutout layers that shift as you move the Nintendo DSi system. Unique Nintendo DSi camera-based controls let you peer deep into the game's scenes and hunt for hidden objects just by moving the Nintendo DSi.


During the recent flurry of news about Nintendo's upcoming no-glasses-needed 3DS portable system, many Kotaku readers speculated that this game was actually a prototype for the next Nintendo system. Maybe it is an exploration of techniques used in the future. Or maybe it's just a cool thing for now. After all, if this kind of 3D can be done on a Nintendo DSi, then what would we need a 3DS for?

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It's things like this that keep Nintendo fresh and innovative. However, I feel that MS and Sony are doing well by keeping their gameplay non-gimmicky. The glasses-less 3D application is a great idea-for a few games. The number one problem with Nintendo is its force feeding of their mechanics into its platform's games. Could you imagine a Gears of War that required Natal so you could make the motions to roadie run everywhere?

I gotta say though, 3D is a lot less of a big deal than waggle. I mean, Paper Mario that uses this tech? Could be interesting, even if just for a graphics utilization. I just don't want to see echochrome puzzles in EVERY game that comes out now. Well, maybe one or two won't hurt.

This is a great idea for a game utilizing the technology though, definite buy if I had a DSi and an attention span that could only be quelled by I Spy, or a kid. Erm..if I had a kid I mean, not an attention span that can only be quelled by one...yeah...


Good for graphics and I Spy, not for a forced puzzle element in every new DS game.