5. It’s surprisingly difficult to hole-punch zombies

“Hardest part was probably figuring out a way to make holes through the zombies,” Evans-Lawes said. “Our initial implementation had a solid ‘core’ that you couldn’t damage, but we really wanted to be able to blast holes straight through.


Part of this was giving the outer flesh some actual thickness rather than it being a wafer-thin, single-sided mesh, and the other was filling the resulting hole with destructible guts.”

6. There could have been frozen zombies

“At one point, there was also talk of freezing zombies, but that one never really made it off the drawing board,” Evans-Lawes said, “partially because we quickly maxed-out the number of textures we could look up in a single zombie material.” But “it would definitely be something I’d like to see,” he said in a later comment. “Who can forget the legendary liquid nitrogen scene from [2001 sci-fi slasher] Jason X?”


7. Stop trying to look at zombie boobs

“Zombie clothes do burn!” Evans-Lawes responded to a question about Dead Island 2’s lack of nudity, particularly on zombies whose bodies can withstand heat. “However, if you look closely, you will find that zombies do wear perma-pants to protect their modesty.


In the case of [boss character] Butcho the Clown, we had the issue of him regenerating, but it wouldn’t make any sense to regenerate clothes, so in that case, we did actually make the top of his clown trousers indestructible.”

“I think you’d struggle to do just the right amount of damage to expose the bits you’re so eager to see anyway,” Ridge said.


8. “Photo mode” isn’t entirely out of the picture

“We’re definitely hearing a lot of love for the idea of adding photo mode,” Ridge said.


“Yeah, it’s been great seeing the community taking all these close-up shots of the detail we put in as we did sometimes wonder whether anyone would actually notice it during gameplay,” said Evans-Lawes. “Can’t promise anything on the photo mode yet, but we hear you!”