Here's The Mega Man Spiritual Successor You've Always Wanted

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It's called Mighty No. 9, it's designed by Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune, and it's on Kickstarter right now.


Inafune and crew want $900,000 to make Mighty No. 9 happen, and they hope to bring it to Steam in early 2015. They just announced the game at Inafune's PAX Prime panel in Seattle today. It's basically Mega Man with a new name. There's a neat-sounding documentary attached, too.

From the Kickstarter:

Mighty No. 9 is an all-new Japanese side-scrolling action game that takes the best aspects of the 8- and 16-bit era classics you know and love, and transforms them with modern tech, fresh mechanics, and fan input into something fresh and amazing!

You play as Beck, the 9th in a line of powerful robots, and the only one not infected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures the world over to go berserk. Run, jump, blast, and transform your way through six stages (or more, via stretch goals) you can tackle in any order you choose, using weapons and abilities stolen from your enemies to take down your fellow Mighty Number robots and confront the final evil that threatens the planet!

Sounds awesome! Here's the video:



Also, while again I'm really excited for this, you guys know theres no way the game is gonna look like this when it's released right? I'm not saying it'd not possible. It would just take so much work. You think the goal they have now is big? Yeah if they actually wanted the game to look like this ALL THE TIME it would be about 5 times bigger.

Animation is NO JOKE!