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The No-Scope Sniper Play That Killed Team Liquid's MLG Counter-Strike Major Momentum

Illustration for article titled The No-Scope Sniper Play That Killed Team Liquids MLG iCounter-Strike/i Major Momentum

Despite the fact they were on match-point with a comfortable lead, you could feel everything going wrong for Team Liquid the moment they endured this 1v5 AWP massacre at the hands of a lone enemy sniper.


With the entire Liquid team rushing through the apartments on Mirage, seemingly on their way to an unexpected first-map victory in the MLG Counter-Strike major semifinal, Luminosity’s Marcelo “coldzera” David stopped them dead in their tracks. Lurking at the end of the hall, below a window, he met their bull rush head-on with some of the fastest, deadliest AWP sniper-rifle play of the entire week.

Coldzera picked-apart Team Liquid in between bunny-hops and helped Luminosity come back from the dead to deny Liquid a first-map victory that seemed all but assured. It proved a sign of things to come, as Liquid blew another massive lead on Cache.


Top photo: Coldzera at IEM Katowice, by Patrick Strack for ESL. Source

Rob Zacny is a freelance writer and esports journalist. You can reach him at

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Alright, this needs to be said.

Having a game like this where everyone can see each other through walls surpasses stupidity. Everyone is so impressed by what they do but just how good would they be if they didn’t know where everyone else was as it should be?

Why is see through walls even allowed? Theres no sport in it whatsoever.

When I was your age playing counter strike, WE COULDN’T SEE THROUGH WALLS! And every encounter was a thrill because it was an Unexpected deadly dance of death.