Already, Homefront 2 Is On The Cards

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Homefront, THQ's shooter set in a US conquered by a rampaging...North Korea isn't even out yet, but already, the publisher has big plans for post-release DLC and a full-blown sequel.


Speaking yesterday at the FBR Capital Markets 2009 Fall Investor Conference, THQ's Danny Bilson revealed that Homefront's plot involves your player and his colleagues moving fuel. And that's it. You're moving fuel for an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge, with further events in America's war against the globe-trotting North Koreans to be depicted in DLC and Homefront 2.

Why's he so confident? Bilson is pumped about not only the game's multiplayer prospects - in a genre dominated by Modern Warfare - but also its narrative. Which is being handled by the guy who did Red Dawn.


THQ already planning Homefront 2 [GameSpot]

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DLC before the game is even released? Why dont these cheap lazy bastards just put the content on the game disc then instead of trying to make us pay for content that should already be on the disc?