Alpha Protocol Brings On The Job Training To The Spy Game

If you caught this weekend's GameTrailers TV, you're probably well-schooled in Sega and Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol, the "first modern-day spy role-playing game." If not here's two minutes worth of introduction.

Making RPG-style character progression work in a realistic setting—more realistic than, say, Mass Effect or Final Fantasy, for example—always seems like a challenging thing to get right. We're not sure if Obsidian has pulled it off, but if they do, it may bode well for that in limbo Aliens RPG the developer was working on.


Make sure to stick around for the chinstrap bearded bad guy at the end. He looks like the Abe Lincoln of the terrorist underworld. Not something we see enough of. Evil dead presidents, I mean.


Komrade Kayce

I forgot completely about this game. I used to tell all my friends about it.

"Guys! A SPY rpg! How awesome is that?"

Still sounds pretty awesome in *my* ears, at least.