Alleged Stalker Claimed He Was Just Playing Pokémon Go

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A 51-year-old man in Kobe has been arrested for allegedly violating Japan’s stalking law. The suspect, however, said he wasn’t stalking a 33-year-old woman, but just playing Pokémon Go near her house.

“I was playing Pokémon Go and just passed in front of her house,” the suspect, who works at a Kobe school, is quoted as saying.

According to the Kobe Shimbun, the suspect allegedly was lurking around the victim’s residence between May 31 and June 12. Security cameras she had installed filmed the alleged stalker this past May and June.


However, the paper adds that authorities had previously warned the man since 2009 for following the victim.

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As others have said, the denial was plausible (though still a little creepy) right up until the whole, “since 2009" thing.

I mean, dude, I’ve been into people who weren’t into me, too (though not at an 18 year age gap—even if the subject of your interest is an adult, that’s a little creepy), but when my interest was not returned, I fucked off and left that person alone.

This is not rocket science.  Holy shit.  (And yes, I’m aware stalking comes with a whole cavalcade of bullshit that has nothing to do with spurned affection, and everything to do with disrespecting another person’s autonomy, boundaries, and basic right to live in peace--I just cannot fathom the mind it takes to engage in that sort of shit.)