All These People Are Waiting to Play the Remastered Wind Waker at PAX

Remember when Nintendo unveiled The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker back in the day, and everyone lost their minds because of its cel-shaded graphics? And there was basically a storm of hatred until the game was released, at which point everyone played it and realized it was incredible?


All those people are at PAX right now, and they're waiting in line to play the remastered version coming out for Wii U in October.

This video comes to us by way of Kotaku's own Evan Narcisse, who braved the show floor on the final day of PAX Prime just to find out whether people are excited about Wind Waker HD. Judging by how many people are spending their final hours there waiting to play a game that's more than a decade old, it seems the answer is apparent.

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Question for everyone. A friend is selling his wiiu for $200 so he can get the ww wiiu. Should I grab it? It's the delux one and in good condition and it'll come with pikmin and a bunch of virtual console titles, but with the ps4 coming soon and the girlfriends birthday coming up soon (getting her a nexus 4 I think) I'm wondering if I'll have the money for all of that. Bonus question. Does anyone have a nexus 4? How are the download speed/youtube loading times with hspa+?