All The Typical Things In Warlords of Draenor's Beta

Mages with their spells gone wrong, placeholder enemies, unfinished quests, giant "delete me" boxes... YouTuber Moonclucking put all the typical things you might see in a World of Warcraft expansion's beta into a slightly exaggerated short clip.

With the original game's beta included, Warlords of Dreanor's is already the sixth one with a beta, after all.

Here's a bonus clip, also from Mooclucking, featuring barbers and their new skill: changing the face of characters:

Beta is Beta (WoW Machinima) [YouTube]

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ahh, nothing like killing time by watching funny WoW machinima till the next expansion comes out.

What? I got my legendary cape quest done. I don't feel like grinding out another one for a character. What else should I do? Play Destiny? (Insert long laughter)... Hoooooo. Seriously this next expansion or at least patch 6.0 needs to hurry up already.